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Who is AL 3?

At AL 3 BOERDERY, we have always strived to be more, give more and strive for more!

AL 3 is a farming company that is focused on the production of table potatoes, seed potatoes, onions, butternut squash, Dragon Fruit & beef.

We produce about 38 000 tons of table potatoes, 7000 tons of seed potatoes, 20 000 tons of onions, 3700 tons of butternuts, 40 tons of Sweet Dragon Fruit annually, we also have about 2000 cattle.

With farms located in two areas of Limpopo – Dendron & Waterpoort, in Mpumalanga & the Northern Cape, AL 3 strives to be the leader in the agricultural industry with cost-effective quality produce & motivated employees.

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Nature Friendly Farming

At AL 3, only Nature Friendly Farming practices are used.

Nature Friendly Farming aims to protect our natural resources in all aspects, to ensure sustainable farming for generations that follow by:

  • Using biological soil practices that maintain a healthy soil composition & create an environment for biological organisms to flourish.
  • Producing our own, unique quality compost, compost tea & various biological products to feed our crops as naturally as possible.
  • Using the minimum required crop protection products needed to grow healthy Nature Friendly crops.
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Vision & Mission


To be, by the power & grace of our Heavenly Father, the leading agricultural company, the forerunner of quality products, as well as dedicated & motivated staff.



To build our farm on solid Christian values

To promote mutual respect & trust towards each other, our customers & suppliers.

To deliver quality products, cost-effectively, that meet our customers’ preferences.

To operate our farm in harmony with nature.

To allow all role players to live out their passion.

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Areas Located

Areas Located
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